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More announcements means more dope programming for the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival!  Get excited as we announce the next wave of talented artists who will be performing on our Second Stage for the Finale Concert on Saturday, July 16th.

Bringing some neo-soul flavor to the Festival will be artists by the likes of Melo-X, a Brooklyn born and raised multimedia artist,  OSHUN, two ladies who hail from from Washington, DC,  MoRuf, an MC representing from New Jersey and the gypsy soul, Masego, who considers many places to be his home.  Hosted by Brooklyn’s own and Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival alum, Skyzoo, the Second Stage is ready to rock out at the Finale Concert.

Melo-X is most known for having contributed his unique musical style to Beyonce’s 2014 On The Run Tour then collaborating with Bey on her Lemonade album.

The ladies of OSHUN, Niambi Sala & Thandiwe Young, will bring some Afro-Futurism flavor to the Festival through their unique Hip-Hop/R&B/Gospel flow.

The next talent is Nigerian rapper, MoRuf, who will perform his signature soul inspired Hip-Hop in which he infuses his life experiences as his musical inspiration.

And finally, multi-talented, Masego, will bring an eclectic sound through his fusing of trap, electronic and jazz all influenced by his Jamaican roots.

Second Stage performances will be located directly across the Main Stage at St. Ann’s Warehouse, 45 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 so don’t miss out on any of these amazing performances we have planned for you!  Can’t wait to see you all at the Finale Concert!

Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition A True Hip-Hop Experience – archrock partners


Hip-Hop is more than just a genre, it’s a culture—a lifestyle. This year’s Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition acts as the avenue to celebrate various aspects of the culture ranging from dancing, DJing, MCing, art, photography and the staple wardrobe piece: sneakers relevant to three major regional areas for the culture: East Coast, Midwest and the South.

The MC Showcase

IMG_8597 (hi-res)


The MC Showcase is all about providing a platform to rising, authentic emcees to flaunt off their originality, delivery and lyricism. This year we have Nick Grant, Your Old Droog and Taylor Bennett.

Personifying a southern emcee for Juice is Nick Grant born during the “Golden Age of Hip Hop.” Signing with Culture Republic under manager, Jason Geter, Grant released his debut mixtape ‘88 this year, following a succession of epic freestyles on Sway in the Morning and well-received singles. Some of his major influences are from the likes of Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Marvin Gaye, Lauryn Hill, Outkast and D’Angelo, which should speak for itself.

Representing for the east coast is Your Old Droog of our Festival’s home, Brooklyn. Droog received the most buzz from his first official project, Your Old Droog EP because everyone thought it was headliner, Nas under an anonymous alias. Since then, he’s released a deluxe retail version of his first mixtape, Your Old Droog LP, which received recognition in the NY Times and Rolling Stone.

Hailing in for the midwest is Taylor Bennett, younger brother of Chance the Rapper. At just 20 years old, Bennett has been pretty successful in paving his own lane separate from Chance. He’s been able to sell out shows in his hometown of Chicago, opened for Vic Mensa and Nas at the House of Blues, opened for Hoodie Allen’s “Happy Camper” tour, as well as work with the likes of King Louie, Rockie Fresh, Lil Herb and many more. His latest project, Broad Shoulders, debuted through Rolling Stone.

Salute the DJ



DJs are the architects of the culture creating the foundational beats and scratches for MCs to spit on the mic, creating the music that we all party to. Experiencing the presence of a DJ, their crowd control, crate digging, mixing and versatility and technical abilities is an incomparable experience, so we curated this aspect of the exhibition highlighting the following DJs.

Kat Daddy Slim is a southern DJ, Ad man and photographer from Georgia who resides in NY. He’s been DJing in New York for nearly 10 years and has had a radio show on East Village Radio called Baller’s Eve. But he hasn’t let his address alter his taste in music. So, if you’re into southern Hip-Hop ranging from Goodie Mob to Ludacris to Usher, DJ KDS definitely got you.

Naming DJ Khaled and DJ Mister Cee as his largest influences and our own, Fabulous as one of the hottest MCs, DJ Midnite comes in repping for Jersey. At the young age of 14, he realized he wanted to be a disk jockey and was described as a “college dropout turned superstar DJ” by The Source. He stated his goal was to be an example for his city and create a foundation for his kids. And with an impressive resume—BET’s 106th & Park, Soho’s Adidas stores for fashion week, Harlem’s Jimmy Jazz for All Star Week/Weekend, night clubs and lounges—paired with his versatile catalog and sound, he’ll definitely accomplish those goals.

Since the age of 15, Kerim the DJ has been spinning in clubs and a year later secured residency at Caribbean American Entertainment Center for weekly events. With the assistance of his electronic drum configured with his DJ equipment, he’s been able to take his unique sound around the world (Marquee NYC, The Park at 14th in Washington, DC, and Thompson’s Garage in Ireland) and become the reigning champion of Washington DC’s 8-3-1 DJ Battle and Top-6 contender in NYC and Washington, DC DMC DJ Battles.

Dance Showcase



The heart of Hip-Hop dance culture begins, but doesn’t end, with breakin’ and Bboys. We have Chrybaby Cozie (Litefeet Nation), House Arrest 2 Chapter 6 Dance Team, Inc., and B. Seth to not only showcase how much the dance culture has evolved since Bboys, but to celebrate its origins.

Reining in from Harlem, NY with Litefeet Nation is Chrybaby Cozie. Back in 2014, Cozie described this new dance movement as “a revamped Hip-Hop”. With several appearances ranging from Chris Brown’s “Kiss Kiss” to DJ Webstar’s “Chicken Noodle Soup”, Litefeet keeps the spirit, foundation and technique of b-boying alive with a twist of new school.

Founded in 1994, Chicago’s very own House Arrest 2 Championship Dance Team, Inc. (Chapter 6, Alabama A&M) is coming to show off their skills. Check out a preview here.

Representing for Alabama is B. Seth. He mixes his self-taught street Hip-Hop dancing skills with the structure of commercial dance and choreography to showcase his own unique style. He has taught numerous master classes and workshops worldwide, worked with Travis Payne and Robert Hoffman, and has created his own Dance Organization T.O.Y.S. (Turn On Your Speakers).

We all know sneakers are the staple of style for the Hip-Hop culture.  After all, Run DMC and Nelly made songs about their favorite kicks. But it’s more than style, there’s also a value factor behind it all. Combining the documentation of the culture and our love for kicks, we’ve asked photographers Justin Milhouse, Fred Daniels III, and Andy Mac to capture their travels in their Limited Edition Ewing Athletic sneakers to celebrate these aspects of our culture.

Justin Milhouse was exposed to various art mediums at a young age which prompted him to explore photography and videography while attending college as a business major. He created Fresh-Cool-Dope which acted as a creative outlet during school, but has transformed to a more personal platform which documents his creative process with JMILHOUSE. His hometown of Detroit has clearly been a major agent of inspiration for his creativity as he expressed to The Grey District in April that he was working on a project that tells the stories of Detroit people and looks forward to opening his own gallery and creative studio there.

Fred Daniels (Just Fred) of Chicago is not only a photographer but a creative architect that lends his eye and vision to some of the world’s leading brands and up-and-coming creatives. He’s worked with Adidas Hoops, SLAM Online, Iman Shumpert of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the BIG TEN Network, while having his work published in digital platforms like Austere Magazine. He uses his creative eye to to enhance campaigns and activations for the brands and companies he offers his services to by helping the brands tell their story one photo at a time.

Andrew Suarez, otherwise Andy Mac, is an 18 year-old creative from Jersey City, NJ. He prefers to classify himself as a creative as opposed to a photographer because his skill set goes beyond just photography. But, he’s just starting to emerge on a platform where his work is recognized, so come out and witness his creative journey.

Art Gallery



Art within the Hip-Hop culture stems from our earliest, probably most controversial art form: graffiti. Over the years, different mediums have been inspired by the culture such as graphic design, painting, photography and filmmaking. We’re bringing to you Lavan Wright and Mr. DT to explore and commemorate this part of the culture.

Queens native, Lavan Wright has had success with his first major endeavor clothing line, Kreemo, of which he served as Creative Director. Kreemo attracted the attention of many artists along the lines of Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco, Machine Gun Kelly, and Future. He’s painted murals which have received social media support from Nicki Minaj, works as a Tattoo artist with Think Before You Ink (Queens, NY), created graphic design work for Trey Songz, Mike Will, Wiz Khalifa, Rae Sremmurd and Vashtie, and partnered up with RocaWear, SlowBucks and Sprayground for digital designing. Now Wright is focusing on his own clothing line, CuffLink.

Derek Tunia—better known as Mr. DT—is a self-taught artist from Jersey City, NJ inspired by art culture, political, community and current events. Mr. DT is one of the most sought after artists in the NJ/NY area for his art on clothing and footwear, but has started transitioning to vibrant abstract and mixed media canvas’. Some of his largest inspirations are Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, as well as some new age artists.

The Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition will be one last celebration before Friday’s ultimate Finale Concert that will bring together a variety of flavors repping for the East, South and Midwest. In the meantime, our sponsor, Wingstop, will act as our flavor moderators supplying us with FREE wings throughout the night. Come out and celebrate one last time before the finale, old-school style at St. Ann’s Warehouse, 45 Water Street, Brooklyn, from 7-11pm!

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